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and give you professional results the very first time you use it. >> hi, i'm steve thomas. >> hi, i'm jennifer slimko. >> now, you've seen me on television home renovation shows for 20 years and i'm known as a bit of a tool hound. so, i did a quick count and i've got 18 power saws in my own shop. but today i wanna show you an all-new power saw that i think is pretty special. >> it's called versacut and it's a really innovative new power tool from rockwell. >> versacut is designed to do the work of tile saws, circular saws, chop saws and even table saws. >> it's powerful, compact and easy to use. >> and it's truly like having an entire workshop full of power tools in the palm of your hand. >> it feels good, i can tell it's made of quality materials. >> it's got the size of a grinder, the power of a hand saw and it can combine both duties into one. so, it's a space saver, a time saver and it's quite unique. >> versacut is lightweight and easy to use. it's designed so you can cut pretty much anything right on top of a simple piece of scrap lumber. >> and that's because of this critical
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is prepared to use chemical weapons, including seron nerve gas against its own people. will this guy give that order? new details ahead. >>> president obama remains firm that the wealthy must pay more, and a few republicans are joining him. >>> pippaisits sister kate, the $8 million man, and nasa's high res look at you on our planet earth. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for thursday, december 6th, 2012. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. well, this week president obama put syrian leader bashar al assad on notice specifically about the use of chemical weapons, and now we know why. pentagon sources tell nbc news syria is preparing chemical weapons for their possible use against the syrian people in the form of aerial bombs. >> reporter: as the fighting grows more intense and syrian rebels close in on damascus, the syrian regime has turned increasingly desperate. u.s. officials tell nbc news the syrian military has now loaded the precursor chemicals for seron nerve gas into aerial bombs that could be dropped from dozens of syrian fighter bombers.
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obama will be meeting with congressional leaders later today. nbc's danielle leigh joins us live with the latest on capitol hill. danielle, what is the datest in terms of what we can expect in the next coming days and the likelihood that they can reach a deal? >> reporter: mara, good morning. well, this meeting that is the last-minute meeting at the white house is going to be integral. they need to see progress in this meeting if they're going to get a deal done before midnight on monday. as you know, the senate came back early from the christmas holiday yesterday. but they didn't seem able to compromise. they continued the bickering. the house wasn't even here. they're not even in play yet. they're now coming back on sunday. so we really need to see congressional leaders see some kind of a plan that can be voted on before that december 31st deadline. lawmakers say it's getting decreasingly unlikely that's going to happen. many have serious doubts about whether or not they will get a deal before the new year, although it is still possible, many think a deal will more likely come
impacts they face from the looming fiscal cliff. it's now just 25 days away. nbc's tracie potts joins us with those details from washington. >>> lynn, good morning. good morning, everyone. the president spent time with a family who answered a call from the white house. the question was what would you do if you had to pay another $2200 in taxes. that's what the white house says will be the average impact on middle class families if they don't work out avoiding this fiscal cliff. the president sat down with a couple, a teacher, a man who works at an auto dealership. they live with her family. the family says they're looking at a couple month's rent if they have to pay more taxes. the president reiterated he absolutely will not sign any deal that does not increase taxes on the wealthy in this country. he said the problem is solvable. >> for them to be burdened unnecessarily because democrats and republicans aren't coming together to solve this problem gives you a sense of the costs involved in very personal terms. >> reporter: now in another development here on capitol hill minority leader
>>> intense cold blows into the u.s. along with record snowfall and thunderstorms for most of the country. >>> gasoline almost half a buck cheaper and going lower as president obama and boehner meet face to face to go over the looming fiscal cliff. >>> the latest on the death of a nurse. a handcuffed manakes off with a police cruiser. >>> and could hillary clinton be presented with an offer she can't refuse? "early today" starts right now. >>> this is "early today" for monday, december 10, 2012. >>> hey there, good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. right now residents in the midwest are waking up to the heaviest snow in months. highway closures and around 150 flight cancelations and delays at minneapolis, st. paul's airport, this morning. bill karins tracking the weather. what does it look like now? >> old man winter crashed the party this weekend. without a doubt. we were off to a warm period of weather throughout the country. now all the cold air up in canada and alaska has rushed to the south behind the storm. most of the snow was over with. light stuff and flurri
funerals. nbc's danielle leigh joins us. >> reporter: good morning. over my shoulder, you may be able to make out a christmas tree that's marking the memorial that is marking the focal point of this little town. it's just incredible to walk by that memorial to see the letters, stuffed animals, all the mementos that mourners brought here to the victims. today, students will go past that memorial has they return to school after the shooting. it will be a reminder that things will not be the same. we saw yesterday the two funerals of jack pinto and noah pozner. one of the viewings will be for that teacher vicki soto who died trying to shield her students from the gunfire. sandy hook, their schools are definitely locked down as part of that investigation that investigators say acould be months' worth of work. pour them, when they will return to work is indefinitely on hold. >>> it may be surprising to some, but in the wake of friday's devastating shooting rampage, gun sales have surged. . nancy pelosi called for that. >> the voices of reasons cannot be silent. through administrative actio
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the storm for us this morning. dylan, what can you tell us? >> well, so far under 400 flights have been canceled in the northeast today. this storm is going to create some travel troubles. it's transitioning over to more or less rain right now. but in the new york city area last night, we had some very strong storms move through. we do have reports of flooding in some of the low-lying areas as well. and we do have a lot of known that's already fallen especially back across new york. look at snowfall totals. thompson, ohio picks up 14 inches of snow. all around pennsylvania and new york picked up around a foot of snow, with connecticut coming in at 6 inches. we do have the winter storm warnings and advisories still up across connecticut and northern rhode island and there is a chance we could see an additional foot or more of snow across new england. we're almost done across southern new england. we also have very strong wind gusts especially along the coast of new jersey an area that does not need additional wind damage. we did pick upwind gusts up 70 to 75 miles per hour but these are
away for shopping procras procrastinato procrastinators. >>> plus, a u.s. senator arrested on dui charges. the world's most expensive dinner. and "the hobbit" holds on. "early today" starts right now. >>> this is "early today" for monday, december 24, 2012. >> and a very good morning to you on this christmas eve, i'm veronica de la cruz. >>> days after the national rifle association's first public comments since the newtown massacre, critics are taking aim at the controversial plan to put armed guards in schools. the head of the powerful group is sticking to its guns on the explosive issue. one congress won't be able to do anything about until sometime next month. brian mooar has details. >> reporter: in his first interview after the connecticut shooting tragedy, nra chief wayne lapierre was defiant. >> look, a gun is a tool. the problem is the criminal. >> reporter: the powerful gun lobby and its allies insist gun laws aren't the answer. they want more guns in the hands of good guys. >> if it's crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our schools to protect our chil
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. chris pallone, nbc news in birmingham, alabama. >> and she'll tell us where the storm is headed in just a few minutes. >>> but first, lawmakers have one more day of vacation before returning to capitol hill before averting the so-called fiscal cliff before the new year. president obama has cut short his hawaiian holiday. he'll come back to washington tomorrow night. nbc's danielle leigh is live. >> reporter: richard, good morning. there. is still a hope that a deal can get done, but confidence in that bargain with real reform has all but disappeared. americans are already taking a good hard look at their wallets, as confidence the country will avoid the fiscal cliff diminishes. >> i don't think there's going to be a grand bargain before the end of the year. there is hope a deal will be cut. >> reporter: if congress doesn't extend expiring tax cuts in just days, middle income owners will owe uncle sam about $2,000 extra a year. retailers will cut back in automotive, apparel and entertainment. >> once people begin to pull back on that, the effect will be dramatic. >> reporter: the nationa
>>and it i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will have more coming up in sports. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will have more coming up in sports. it is another cold start to the anksweek.or joining us for 11 news today. >> we will have more coming up in sports. it is another cold start to the week. >> good morning. welcome back. we will have less win today. --
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he didn't waste any of that money on transportation. >> i used my own c >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in a new york city hospital with a blood clot. details ahead. >>> looking over the fiscal cliff. is a last-second deal even possible? >>> kim kardashian and kanye west expecting a baby. >>> new year's eve preps and the new york giants open their hearts to the families of newtown, connecticut. "early today" starts right now. >>> and a very good morning to you on this new year's eve. it's nice to see you this morning. i'm veronica de la cruz. we begin with secretary of state hillary clinton in the hospital. clinton was admitted to new york presbyterian hospital after the discovery of a blood clot stemming from the concussion she sustained earlier this month. the clot was discovered during a followup exam sunday. she's being treated with blood thinners, and doctors will monitor the medication over the next two days. the 65-year-old clinton fell and suffered a concussion when she fainted while home alone in mid-december as she recovered from a stomach virus that left he
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